Hi there! My name

is Katherine O'Brien.

I am so excited to help you start your very own bike business

and pave the way for years of success.

I founded my ice cream business in 2015 with a simple vision:

to share my love of desserts with the community and satisfy my cravings for a fun and endless summer with everyone around me.

When I first started...

...I NEVER imageined that my little ice cream bike biz would become what it is today. I just pursued what I loved and tuned out everyone who told me that "my idea was silly." Instead, I choose to focus on how my passion, purpose and strengths could be intertwined.

I have worked around the clock for years to perfect my processes, grow my business, survive a global pandemic and everything in between. I have learned more lessons the hard way than I care to admit...but the more you know, the more you grow and learning how to turn obstacles into opportunities in a huge part of that process.

The more my story evolves, the more confident I am that every sammie season, every up and down, is purposeful. I know that my next season is meant for to share the love of what I have created with AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE.

I started my business with zero experience and a VERY small budget. On a whim, I bought a pink ice cream bike, shipped it across country, joined a local farmers market......and that first summer I more than doubled my initial investment. If I can do it.....so can you!

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After you’re done, we think you’ll know more about the biz-on-a-bike model than 99.99% of humanity.


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Find your why....and don't ever let it out of your sight!

What's my WHY?

Summed up in this photo. Taken with a group of strangers from all over the world while exploring San Blas, Panama. Zero cell phone service. Island hopping my way through the most beautiful and remote islands to a teeny fishing village in Colombia.

I want to continue seeing the world. Meeting new people. Having the freedom & the finances to live life on my own terms. Travel fills my soul with more happiness than anything else and I strive to spend my summers hustling ice cream and winters roaming our beautiful world.

When your why is big enough, you will find your how. When you find your reason to do it, you will feel that fire within you. The kind of motivation that keeps you going while others are giving up.

Get to know me better by scrolling through some Instagram posts from way back in the day! It's bascially like reading my diary. Enjoy!