The pricing you see below is an estimate and will be finalized based on your location, equipment selected, etc. If you are interested in an exact quote for any of the bikes, carts, vans, tuktuks, scooters or trailers...please email by clicking below.

*Once we determine which one you are interested in, that fits your needs & budget, then I will connect you my supplier and you two will finalize details from there*

⇣ ICE CREAM BIKES - $4,000.00 ⇣

Our bikes arrive fully built with your graphics...shipped to you anywhere in the country (and Canada). The frame is available in dark green, dark blue, royal blue, red, pink or black. Custom powder coats are available for an addition fee. The bike includes insulation (we use dry ice or cold plates to keep products temperature controlled), is 7 gears, folds in half for easy transportation and e-bikes are an option. Turn around time from the day you order until it arrives at your door is around 4-6 weeks. The bike is about 8 feet long and 36 inches wide and can be easily transported on a small flatbed utility trailer.


These classy and stylish ice cream carts come with an umbrella (with multiple color options). They have a beautiful electric glass top freezer that has an LED light and can hold up to (6) 3 gallon tubs of ice cream. They are perfect if you want to offer hand dipped ice cream OR pre-packaged products. Easy to get around and a great way to get your frozen dessert business up and running! Carts are shipping anywhere throughout the United States.

⇣ GELATO CARTS - $12,000.00 ⇣

Our gelato carts are truly authentic and one of a kind! Our gelato carts are a classic and luxurious addition to your catering business as well as a perfect addition for hotels, luxury restaurants, venues, cruise ships, etc. to create dynamic popup corners and experiences for guests. Gelato carts can be shipped worldwide!

⇣ CUSTOM TUKTUKS - $35,000.00+ ⇣

A tuk-tuk, also known as an auto rickshaw or three-wheeler, is a compact, motorized vehicle commonly used for transportation in many parts of Asia. It's a small, open-air vehicle with a passenger cabin in the front and a rear compartment that can be customized for various purposes, including food and beverage vending. The colors, design, interior & equipment can be customized based on your needs. What a fun way to bring your products to your customers and start a conversation whereever you may be. Tuktuks are made in the US and can be shipped worldwide!

⇣ BUDGET TRAILERS- $40,000.00+ ⇣

The trailers are one of my favorites because they are simple, functional, cute and totally customizable. They come in 14 foot or 17 foot sizes and can be designed to meet your exact needs. Some popular uses of the trailers are for softserve / hand dipped ice cream, mobile bars, or coffee shops. Trailers are made in the US and can be shipped worldwide!

⇣ SCOOTERS - $25,000.00+ ⇣

If this isn't a dream mobile business opportunity, then I'm not sure what is! Can you just imagine catering a wedding and the bride and groom do a grand entrance into the reception totally surprising guests on a vintage ICE CREAM SCOOTER?? Scooters are made in the US and can be shipped worldwide!

⇣ VINTAGE STEP VANS - $110,000.00+ ⇣

Vintage Step Vans are great for mobile coffee shops, vintage ice cream trucks, pop-up shops and more. They bring a totally unique glamour to your mobile business build and provide great branding opportunities to make your business stand out. They are drivable and a super fun twist off of the generic food truck. Vans are made in the US and can be shipped worldwide!

If you can dream it, we can build it!